Welcome! I am the
Global ambassador for Coloplast and I am dedicated to helping others reach the next level in their lives. You do not have to be suffering with a chronic illness, but if you are in need of change, support or guidance – we can work together.
I know what it takes to work through the struggle and pain of life’s obstacles in an attempt to achieve your dreams – as I have done it myself.
My aim is to provide a personalised and meaningful plan of action that will lead you to your own personal success. We will look at a multitude of ways you can implement healthy behaviours that will improve the quality of your life, providing you with support, encouragement and challenges all along the way.


Quick Buy IBD Specific Nutrition Guidance Plans

These plans have been built to bridge the gap between diagnosis and the knowledge you require to manage your condition.

Private Facebook Group

You will be a valued member of an ever growing IBD community, where you can feel welcomed and safe to talk about anything related to the condition with other members. In addition lots of daily updates from myself.

Weekly Members Only Vlog + Email Schedule

You will receive knowledge bombs through your time with me, I will be posting weekly emails and Vlog’s on topic’s you want to know about. You ask the questions!

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