Not every disability has visibility

For the past two years, I have been living with an ileostomy bag due to previously suffering from Pan-Ulcerative Colitis, since having my operation I have had to overcome many barriers and I want to share some of these things with you which I have to deal with on a daily basis.

What I eat IBD

I'm finally starting Youtube! I'm bringing my Instagram flare over. I've suffered with IBD - Ulcerative/Crohn's Disease for the last six years. In this time I've also been fitted with a stoma (Ileostomy).

Mental health matters

Check out my latest video around mental health.

Training Abs post surgery

Training Abs is something everyone wants to do after abdominal surgery, in this video, I will show you the best way to do this safely. This isn't something that can be rushed and you can be a huge risk of a hernia - so don't risk it for a short term gain.

What the hell is a stoma?

Often with many bowel based conditions, people will end up with what's known as a stoma, which is essentially an opening in the abdomen wall where a part of the intestine can exit. The endpoint of the intestine on the outside of the abdomen is known as a stoma. You have many types of stoma's mine is an ileostomy but the most commonly known is a colostomy.