What My Clients say about me

My name is Bailey and I am 21 years old. I’ve been living with Crohn’s disease since I was 12 and have had multiple surgeries including a defunctioning ileostomy; panproctocolectomy; small bowel resection; fistula repair and a perennial abscess removal, along with multiple treatments of steroids. The disease has challenged me both mentally and physically pushing me and my family to the limits, however I am a positive survivor and I believe it has shaped the person I am today.
IBD can be quite a difficult subject to talk about and many people aren’t aware of the condition and the problems it poses to everyday life. Mesha helped me come to terms with my illness and remain positive throughout. I found it really beneficial having someone to talk to who has overcome their own battles and who understands the illness and its effects. He made me so feel comfortable straight away and we totally understand eachother. I’m in awe of his determination towards bringing awareness and helping people with invisible illnesses, as well as supporting sufferers with nutritional advice, fitness and life coaching. I’ve even recently started training with him as I am now able to, and I’m finding it really fun and inspiring.
Mesha has guided and helped me overcome so many things and I’m sure he will continue to!

Bailey Johns

6months ago I had surgery to remove my large intestines. 3mnths later I got in contact with Mesha and purchased his 12week online package. He developed a specialist plan for me, tailored to my needs. I am now fitter and healthier than ever! I had previously gone through a 10 year battle with a chronic illness, never being able to put on weight, let alone build any sort of muscle mass, but the encouragement and support Mesha has given me has changed that. I’ve passed my work related fitness test, my confidence is through the roof and I actually feel like superman! I can’t reccommend him enough!

Edward Bacon